Yada Hands-Free in Canada

Blog on October 29th, 2009 15 Comments

Yada hands-free products are now in wide distribution in Canada no thanks to the hands-free laws in Ontario and British Columbia. We have been getting loads of great press. Check out Yada News!

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15 Responses to “Yada Hands-Free in Canada”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Mike,
    The YD-V24 is compatible with all bluetooth phones. be sure you are putting the YD-V24 in pairing mode holding down the front on/off button until you see an alternating red/blue blinking light. This take about 8-10 seconds.

  2. admin says:

    To pair you need the YD-V24 in pairing mode. To do this you need the unit unplugged from the charger, then the master switch in the ON position, next hold the button on front until you see a flashing red and blue light. Once you see both colors you can let go. Your phone will then be able to locate the device and pair.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Jim,
    Do you get any sound whatsoever? If not I would suggest exchanging the device at Canadian Tire.

  4. Scott Downs says:

    Finally got the YD-V24 to pair with my LG VX5400… my YADA was still plugged into the charger. Thanks to:
    David Hernandez
    Customer Care Representative
    Winplus North America | http://www.winplus.com

    Quick customer service!


  5. sarabjit says:

    I unpluged YD-V24 from charger power is ON and press switch for 6 sec. but there is only blye light, no red light. And am not able to connect with my phone Samsung A736.
    Any suggestion?


  6. admin says:

    Hi Sarabjit,
    The YD-V24 needs to be in pair mode

    1. Unplug YD-V24 from charger

    2. Place master switch on right hand side in ON position

    3. Press and hold round button on front until you see a flashing red /blue light (8-10 secs) . Do not let go until you see both colors.

    4. Search for device with your phone

  7. peter Morin says:

    where can I find the mirror speaker phone other then canadian tire as i have made several trips to there store and they are awalys out of stock. also tried to order on line and would not ship to Canada live in Ottawa Ontario

  8. admin says:

    Hi Peter, currently we are only available at Canadian Tire. Our products are avilable for order on the Canadian Tire Website. We are working dilligently with Canadian Tire to get product in stock as quickly as possible.

  9. Ken Butler says:

    Where can I buy the YD-V22 in Ontario Canada

  10. Charles says:

    I am trying to transfer the phone book from my lg neon but only one number move over . I tried everything from your support ?
    thank you

  11. Myles says:

    I have lost our charge cable for the yada yd-v16 mirror. do I need to buy a new cable or does it charge through the usb cable?

  12. mike ogilvie says:

    got a YD-V16 but my phone will not link with it. when i enter the passkey provided it says it is wrong. Any suggestions other than returning it?

  13. adam says:

    I have paired up my phone with the device and can receive a call. The problem is I cannot place a call using the speaker phone.It goes into a countdown sequence but does not place the call.
    Any suggestions???????
    Thanks: Adam.

  14. Len Hargreaves says:

    I have a yadayd-v24 and have successfuly paired to aNokia phone,can i pair to more than one phone at the same time ,so as two people can use the same car but with different phones?

  15. Admin says:

    Hi Len,
    The yd-v24 can be paired with 5 phones, however it can only be connected to one phone at a time.

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