When do I change my wiper blades?

Winplus recommends changing windshield wiper blades every 6 months or as needed. Your vehicle is exposed to the elements everyday causing your wiper blades to eventually wear out. The following information helps identify when wiper blades should be changed to ensure a safe and clear driving experience.
If one of the following conditions can be identied on the wiper blade, it is time for a change.
Cracked or frayed rubber occurs naturally during the life of a wiper blade. On occasion pre-mature "fraying" could be a result of using the blades to clear ice from the windshield or using the blades on a dry window for an extended period of time.
Split or torn rubber is a common failure in wiper blades. Over the use of the wiper blade the flexing back and forth wears out the blade and it splits. Exposure to sunlight also causes the rubber blade to harden over time and eventually become weak. The motion of the wiper blade then causes it to tear.
Stiff or hard rubber occurs through natural exposure to sunlight. Deterioration is due to UV (ultraviolet) exposure. When the rubber becomes stiff it does not distribute the pressure evenly across the windshield usually resulting in spotting or smearing.
If one of the following conditions occur on the windshield when the wiper blades are in use it is time for a change.




To check, generously apply water to windshield or activate the windshield spray and assess. A proper wiper blade will clear all the water in one single wipe. If the blade required multiple passes to clear the windshield, the driver's line of sight may be impaired under heavy rains.